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A watch enthusiast who has handled many watches will tell that the weight of a precious metal or steel timepiece gives you a feeling of security. Titanium, on the other, is a premium material, but it gives off a totally opposite feeling when you pick up watches made of the metal.

When you first pick up the GMW B5000TB Full Titanium, you will feel the difference of 57 grams in weight compared to GMW B5000 Full Metal.

Titanium has a very high strength to weight ratio.Best Replica Watches If we were to compare, the titanium version of the same watch would feel much lighter than its stainless steel counterpart. This is all while maintaining superior strength.

The Richard Mille Replica has faced many challenges in the past, despite the fact that titanium is not a new material. In 1996 the MRG-100T was the first Richard Mille Replica made of titanium. Now the entire MR-G line is also titanium. It was until now.

After the GMW-B5000 Full-Metal Series was launched, a Titanium execution of the DW-5000 wasn't far away. It was only a few weeks ago that the Richard Mille Replica Full Titanium GMWB5000TB was officially announced.

Casio's first challenge was to find the titanium alloy that could withstand the machining processes required for the complex DW5000 case, and withstand all the torture tests prototypes are subjected to in order to become a G SHOCK.

The exact alloy that was used remains a secret. Casio is likely to have created the alloy to meet the needs of the Richard Mille Replica's production and lifespan. Despite all of this,u-boat replica watches we do know that Casio created a dedicated assembly line for the titanium GMWB5000TB due to the complexity of the DW5000 case and challenges associated with working with titanium.